Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've decided how to keep my photos

In addition to my blog, I wanted something a little more permanent for my photos. I often bind my own journals or memory books. I found a calendar template that will allow me to comment on each day's photos. The following will be printed on semi-gloss leaflet stock, cut in half and bound using my bind-it-all. Now I just have to see how many pages I use to decide whether to bind quarterly, semi-annual or all at once. I'm pretty sure that all at once will be too many pages. The next weeks will have the entire week's journaling together and may need more than once page to showcase the photos best. I also need to decide whether I will embellish before or after printing. My current templates are in MS Word so that the journaling will be easier as this is the most important part for me. In order to upload the version below, I created a pdf then saved the pdf as a jpg. This is not the most elegant way to do it, just fast.

Until next time....

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