Monday, January 19, 2009

Photos January 10-19, 2009

I fell behind on posting, but continued to take photos. This is a long post as it has 10 photos.

We went to Charleston, SC to visit hubby's sister while their parets were visiting. This was in lieu of our holiday visit. We did a little tourist stuff while there. This photo is from the Charleston Tea Plantation, the only tea plantation in the US. The "factory tour" was very interesting. We all learned something new about how tea is processed in the US.

This next photo was taken in downtown Charleston. This is the top corner of the visitor's parking lot where we parked. It's amazing what Mother Nature can do.
This photo is my hubby working on a commissioned piece. He is knitting a baby hat in UGA colors for a co-worker. When done, there will also be a blanket.
This photo is of another of our furr-family. This is MataHari. He is going to be ten years old this year. Some of you history buffs may be wondering why we named a male cat after a female spy. He is not named for the spy MataHari. In Indonesian, Mata Hari means Sun (literally "eye of the day"). MataHari is our golden boy and sun worshiper. His furr is gold and ivory and his eyes are gold. He finds the first sunbeam in the morning and the last at night. Whenever he cannot be found, we look for sunbeams.
A lot of folks doing project 365 are taking photos of everyday life. I am trying to do a little of that. This is the side table on my side of the couch. The first thing to note is that scrapbooking organizating tools can also work for non-scrapping. There are craft tools and items in these, but not much for traditional scrapping. My hubby and I often sit side by side working on our laptops.
As I got ready for bed, the boys nearly knocked me over rushing to the window. They jumped up on this cat jungle jim and began to stare out in to the dark. I couldn't tell what they were looking for, but knew I needed to grab my camera.
This photo is an attempt to show a little color in my office. My office is full of paperwork, file cabinets and binders. The vase on the right is covered with polymer clay (by me). The one in the middle is a promo from a vendor (I love the splash of color!). The bottle on the left looks fantastic with light shinig through it. Unfortunately the version of this taken in daylight didn't work because of the light shining through the window.
This was extracted from a photo taken of MataHari snuggling against hubby's legs on the LazyBoy loveseat. When there isn't a sunbeam to be found, snuggling with Daddy is a good source of warmth. I extracted part of the photo, because I wanted to rotate it slightly.
This is another member of our furr-family. This is Dewi. Dewi means Goddess. Dewi thinks she is Kali. Kali is usually depicted with multiple arms all holding knives. Dewi can be a little on the wild side, often viscious, though rarely with us. She is not fond of strangers and can shred the vet staff. Dewi is mellowing with age; she is 12 1/2 years old.
This is my hubby of 11 1/2 years. He is not only the love of my life; he is my best friend. He had an interview today and I asked if I could take a photo while he was dressed. In the first photo taken, he pulled a face. Then he started laghing at the TV behind me. That's when I got this shot. This is the face I love.
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