Friday, January 9, 2009

January 8, 2009

Yeah, I know it's actually the 9th. I took this photo yesterday but got home incredibly late and didn't get it resized to upload. I have been spending very late hours at work, so I thought I should show some images of work. This one is much better than the rodent trap. I decorate my ofice door for the seasons. Later this month is Chinese or Lunar New Year. Two thirds of our lab group will celebratethe Lunar New Year. I found these hanging strands of dragons and coins. On the door they are haning free so they move with the door movement and also when someone comes rushing in or out of my office. This happens a lot.
Thank you for the nice comments and emails about my dad. I think he is one of the cutest people in the world, but then I am Daddy's little girl. My Dad has done a lot of international travelling in his career. Whenever he was travelling in November and December, the Embassies would ask him to play Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. The Foreign communities in most of the places he travelled were close regardless of nationality, so most of the time it was not the American Embassy asking. The most common Embassy to request this would be the Canadian Embassy.

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