Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4, 2009

This is the baby of our family. Bajing, aka Hammie, is three years old. He acts like a three year old boy insteadof a three year old cat. He races around the house, dive bombs his siblings and races to the top of bookshelves. This is a rare calm moment.
He is sleeping on the top of a cat tree built by my hubbie. It's made of a carpet tube and is five feet high. There is a platform inside and another next to the hole so the cats can climb inside. I have some photos from when it was built. I need to fid them on my EHD.
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  1. Your blog looks darling! Thank you for using my blog wear! I am going to post and people using my items so I would love to link to your blog to show it off! :)

    Looks like your project 365 is off to a great start!!

    Kimmi Stewart