Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is our lost boy. Bovi was found on our doorstep in the middle of a move in December 2001. He quickly became a part of the family. Bovi is short for Bovine (note the cow-like appearance). He was noisy and an attention hound. He cuddled if you were sitting still and slept in my armpit. He was 16 pounds of fluffy love. In the spring of 2007, he was ill. We feed our cats only dry food, but when they are sick we indulge them with canned food. Unfortunately for Bovi, the canned food was tainted. We didn't know. We just thought he was getting sicker. We took him to the vet and proceeded to treat him for chronic kidney failure. We didn't know it wasn't CKF. We took severe steps including my spending 20-22 hours a day with him for four days. On February 13, 2007 at 9:40am Bovi breathed his last.
I spent the rest of that week pouring my grief into a memory book. I must say that Art Therapy works. My emotion was raw and it showed in the book. Everyone who read the book cried.

Afterwards, the house felt empty. Our other cats, Putri Dewi and Mata Hari, did not vocalize as much nor did they seek attention at the same levels. And they missed him too. After a month, we visited the rescue group from whom we adopted Mata Hari. We had planned to take Mata Hari to show them how well he was doing. We ended up coming home with Mata Hari, Pala and Hammie. Thank you Gwinnett Humane Society for expanding our family.

We still miss Bovi. We always will.

Until next time....

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